Enlighten your Love Life!


I am Lauren Kay Wyatt. I am a Love Psychic, Love Renegade, Speaker, and Founder of Bee Loving Bee Wise. I take my clients through a journey designed to ignite aha moments, facilitate breakthroughs, and challenge everything that they thought was true about love, relationships, and dating.
I teach and coach on topics of breaking the laws of love, reclaiming your personal power, healing relationship wounds, and how to unapologetically make waves to create a deeply satisfying and crave-worthy love life.
I am the Creator of the Love Renegades Program, the Enlighten Your Love Life Movement, the Single No More Program, the Love Life Makeover Quiz, the Break the Laws of Love Quiz, and the Manifest Relationship Heaven Program.
I am passionate about the human soul and its role in helping us heal and manifest relationships and realities that reflect our soul’s true magic. I use my intuition and natural healing abilities to support people in reconnecting with their souls and mastering Universal Law to heal, master, and transform their relationship karma and to create results that they love!

I am also a yoga-loving gluten-free vegan. I am married to an amazing man named Daniel.  We have two cats, two dogs, and we live in Austin, TX.  I love music and travel, and meeting new people! I would love to connect with you. Here is how:

You can contact me via email at lauren@beelovingbeewise.com

If you are feeling heartbroken and vulnerable, visit me at www.EnlightenYourLoveLife.com where you can receive spiritual hugs in the form of healing, support, and an abundance of love.

If you are a rebel like me and want to start making a raucous by dispelling love myths and dismantling illusions, hop on over to www.LoveRenegades.com.

If you like quizzes and want to have a few minutes to spend in deep contemplation and self-awareness, then head on over to www.breakthelawsoflove.com where you can find out exactly what is blocking you from experiencing results that you love in your love life.

Sending you so much love!


Lauren Kay Wyatt